Hi, hello

I'm Euna, a Korean-American lifestyle photographer, travel editor and freelance writer based in New Jersey.

The way I see it, every story (small or big), is like a house. There’s a roof, some windows, a few doors, maybe even a fenced-in backyard for your pup to roam. But there are also little details inside, like the corner where you’re trying to revive your fiddle leaf fig or the scratches in the hardwood floors that came from moving your furniture around for the 5th time to get the perfect living room layout. 

Whatever it may be, just like your home, there are always little pockets of memories that tell a story true to who you are. And those are the tiny details that I love to capture — of course all under natural light. I like to believe that my specialty is in getting your truest, most authentic smile to shine through.

And I promise, you are photogenic.