Light a candle and smell all the good smells

I know everyone is for oil diffusers these days, but you really can’t imitate the ritual of lighting a candle to pressing the ‘on’ button of a machine that mists essential oils. It’s like the moment my eyes zone in on a candle, I’m cocooning myself in a soft fleece blanket or crawling into one of those really cute tipi tents with starlights dangling on the inside. It’s essentially my little bubble. Anyway, for those of you who don’t mind the ironically intangible, tangible little flame (or 3 flames if you’re getting a big ol’ candle), this listicle is for you.

Note I: These scents are ones I personally love. I am a musk, amber, sandalwood gal — anything warm.
Note II: I’ve also added a few tips on how to properly “candle” at the end of this post!

Bath and Body Works (3-wick candles are $24.50 but frequently on sale for $12.50)

Listing this as the cheapest on the list because of their frequent sales. They aren’t worth full price, in my opinion. Bath & Body Works has a huge array of scents and come out with seasonal ones, well, every season. My favorites are from their fall collection. If you’re conscious about your candle matching the aesthetic of your home or just fancy a cute label, Bath & Body Works creates multiple labels for one scent that are launched throughout the season. Pick and choose according to your throw blankets and pillows.





Candlefish + P.F. Candle Co. + Voluspa ($22 - $28)

Unlike Bath & Body Works, these guys have a solid burn time. For the same price of a Bath & Body Work, you can get almost twice — even three — times more burn time with these three brands. Candlefish and P.F. Candle Co use a soy wax and Voluspa uses a coconut wax — longer and cleaner flames with both.

Candlefish (Also available at Anthropologie)

P.F. Candle Co. (Do frequent brand exclusive collabs like for Farmgirl Flowers)

Voluspa (Wide array of tins, bottles, sizes & scents)

Maison Louis Marie ($34)

I found this brand in a stationary store in San Francisco — I don’t remember what store, so don’t ask. (heh) They’re also very well known for their No. 4 Bois de Balincourt perfume oil. Unfortunately, my favorite candle scent isn’t available in perfume form. But a curated selection of their perfumes and candles are available at Sephora and The Line.

Nest ($42)

If you’re looking for a seriously delicious grapefruit scent, I think Nest has the best one. You can 60 hours of burn time with their regular 8.1 oz candle, which is a thumbs up for me. Their diffusers also smell divine — don’t last that long, but still smell amazing.

Jo Malone - Diptyque (~$65)

If you follow my spiels on Instagram or know me personally, you know that Jo Malone is my ultimate achilles heel. I’ve downsized my Jo Malone perfume collection to 7 scents (some were gifted). They have one of the best rose scents and come out with the prettiest limited edition bottles. Diptyque is best known for their Baies candle that’s a beautiful combination of floral & sweet.

Note: Diptyque has better burn time than Jo Malone

Jo Malone ($67)

Diptyque ($65)

Byredo ($80)

Byredo is the most expensive candle that I own — friends gifted it to me. Even though it doesn’t have the longest burn time for the size (8.4 oz or 240 grams = 60 hrs), they have the richest scents.

  • Bibliothque (Notes: peach, plum, violet, peony, patchouli, leather, vanilla)

  • Cotton Poplin (Notes: blue chamomile, linen, white cedar wood, sweet musk)

How to get the most out of your candle

  • When you first light your candle, make sure to burn through the entire top layer (1-2 hrs). This assures that the wax will burn evenly throughout the rest of its “life.”

  • In between burns, make sure to trim your wick to ¼” inch. This will prevent black soot to form around the rim of your candle and from the flame itself.

  • Place your candles away from windows/drafts

  • After you’re done burning, make sure the wick is standing straight to help with even burns after

  • To put out a flame without smoke, use a candle wick dipper and just push the tip of the wick into the melted wax and straighten the wick back up after the flame goes out. You can usually find dippers & wick trimmers in sets online!